Name Narkissos-1
Spacecraft type Picosatellite
Units or mass TubeSat
Status cancelled
Organization Spacebooth
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Country Belgium

Educational training and upload pictures to space and display them on an OLED screen.


The aims of the SpaceBooth project are to get hands-on experience building satellites and planning space missions and to bring the space experience closer to the general public. The SpaceBooth satellite is based on Interorbital’s TubeSat kit. Its payload consists of an OLED display, a camera and EEPROM memory.

The idea is for people to upload pictures of themselves via the SpaceBooth website to the satellite. Once received by the satellite a picture will be displayed on the OLED and the camera will take a picture of the OLED, with as much as possible of ‘space’ (e.g. the earth) in the background. This picture will then be transmitted back to earth and uploaded to the user’s account.

Sources [1]

Last modified: 2023-06-09

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