MicroOrbiter Satellite

Spacecraft name MicroOrbiter
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Operational? (Object identified by PA0DLO on 2024-04-18)
Launched 2024-03-21
NORAD ID 59483
Deployer J-POD (JAXA Picosatellite Deployer)
Launcher Falcon 9 (CRS-30)
Deployment Deployed from ISS on 2024-04-11
Organization MicroOrbiter
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Headquarters Japan
Launch brokerer Mitsui

MicroOrbiter-1 is designed to store the small sensor data from the LoRa ground terminal and forward to the Earth Station.

MicroOrbiter plans, develops and conducts demonstration experiments of an LPWA IoT nanosatellite relay system that enables stable relay of low-power signals from various fixed or mobile sensors distributed over a wide area by nanosatellites in low orbit, and aims to build a nanosatellite constellation LPWA IoT data communication system in Japan and overseas. This system makes it possible to manage assets in remote locations or mobile
assets with high cost performance.
Nanosatellites can also perform the following four missions.

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