Max Valier
Max Valier
Max Valier
Max Valier
Satellite Max Valier
Type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 10 kg
Status Operational (Last SatNOGS report of CW beacon with sensible data 2023-06-09 as of 2023-06-09)
Launched 2017-06-23
NORAD ID 42778
Deployer Base mounted
Launcher PSLV
Entity name Max Valier Technical High School
Institution School
Entity type Academic / Education
Nation (HQ) Italy
Nation (AIT) Germany
Manufacturer AIVT by OHB
Operator OHB
Partners OHB System

Test small x-ray telescope and AIS receiver.


Small X-ray telescope µRosi, which allows amateur astronmers for the first time to see the sky in X-ray wavelength. OHB-System provides the LuxSpace AIS reciever, support and the launch opportunity on an indian PSLV rocket.

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Keywords AIS

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