MAVERIC (Magnetic Vector and Remote Imaging Communication satellite)

Satellite MAVERIC (Magnetic Vector and Remote Imaging Communication satellite)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher not launched
Organisation University of Southern California
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters US
Partners Space Engineering Research Center (SERC)

Scientific payload is magnetometers that take magnetic field readings and compare them to the current Earth modeling satellites.


Scientific payload is a set of COTS magnetometers (internal and deployable) that take magnetic field readings around the orbit and compare them to the current Earth modeling satellites. In addition, the technical payloads include a new control algorithm that uses B-Dot controller for de-spin and control and the study of novel LCD technologies for space visualization applications.

The design for this CubeSat is an improved version of a previous satellite design concept, MAGNETO, a 1.5 U CubeSat that was started in 2019 but then put on hiatus through the pandemic. The new design for MAVERIC includes a unique 2D LCD screen to test data visualization in space and a holographic 3D screen for exploring real-time augmented visualization to enhance close in RPO operations in space. Furthermore, a new de-spinning algorithm using only magnetorquers will be tested to validate a more efficient method to remove rotational anomalies experienced by small satellite platforms in flight.

The bus of this satellite and other critical subsystems are building on legacy designs from previously constructed and operated missions executed by SERC including CAERUS, AENEAS, and DODONA. The improved method is obtained after addressing the lessons learned from the previous projects and also through an extensive testing program in the laboratory. The result of this approach is a more simple and more reliable satellite for this mission.

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