MAST Satellite

Spacecraft MAST (Multi-Application Survivable Tether)
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Was semi-operational until? Communication was achieved with one of three picosats.
Launched 2007-04-17
NORAD ID 31126
Deployer P-POD (Poly-Picosatellite Orbital Deployer)
Launcher Dnepr
Organization Tethers Unlimited
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Country US
Launch brokerer Cal Poly
Partners Stanford University

3 tethered CubeSats with 1 km tether and middle one will crawl.


Perform investigations of the dynamics of tethered formations of spacecraft and to investigate the survivability of tethers in the harsh space environment.

3 tethered cubesats with 1 km tether. The middle picosatellite, called "Gadget", will then slowly crawl up and down the tether, taking pictures of the tether as it goes.

Determine how quickly the tether experiences damage due to impacts by micrometeoroids and orbital debris, as well as due to erosion by atomic oxygen and UV light. In addition, all three picosatellites contain GPS receivers.

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Keywords Tether
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