Spacecraft name LituanicaSAT-1 (LO-78)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Reentry 2014-07-28. Was operational.
Launched 2014-01-09
NORAD ID 39569
Deployer NRCSD (NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer) [Quad-M]
Launcher Antares
Deployment Deployed from ISS on 2014-02-28
Organisation Kaunas University of Technology
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Nation Lithuania
Launch brokerer Nanoracks
Partners NanoAvionics

Educational training and demonstrate CubeSat platform technologies.


Launch into Earth orbit satellite, the first Lithuanian satellite. Perform the first Lithuanian space exploration. Lithuanian designed to test space technology. Space to test alternative energy sources. Create new business opportunities. Organizing Lithuanians scientists from around the world. Capture the first Lithuanian pictures from space.

Locally manufactured primary and secondary flight computers which control the payload consisting of an onboard VGA photo camera and FM Mode V/U Voice Repeater, designed and built by Lithuanian radio-amateurs. Satellite’s external solar panels were specially built and donated by Lithuanian based R&D company „Precizika-MET SC“.

One of the mission secondary goals is also to test under space environment different micro-controller designs and MEMS sensors that are integrated into on-board computers.

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Space photos LituanicaSAT-1LituanicaSAT-1LituanicaSAT-1

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