Lemur-2 Krywe (Adler-1)
Lemur-2 Krywe (Adler-1)
Lemur-2 Krywe (Adler-1)
Lemur-2 Krywe (Adler-1)
Name Lemur-2 151 Krywe (Adler-1, Austrian Debris Detection Low Earth orbit Reconnoiter, Lemur-2)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Operational?
Launched 2022-01-13
NORAD ID 51100
Deployer NLAS Mk. II [Tyvak]
Launcher LauncherOne
Organisation Austrian Space Forum (OeWF)
Institution Non-profit
Entity Academic / Education
Nation (HQ) Austria
Nation (AIT) UK
Manufacturer AIVT by Spire
Operator Spire
Oneliner Study the (micro) space debris environment in LEO to complement the models by an active short-range radar as well as a deployable piezoelectric array.
Results [The first signal detected by the cubesat “ADLER-1”, developed by the Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF) together with Spire Global Inc. and Findus Venture Gmbh, originates from an extraterrestrial object or a micrometeoroid with an estimated velocity of 54,000-72,000 km/h.](https://adler.oewf.org/2022/05/09/adler-1-successfully-detects-first-object/) The first signal was detected in early May. Of the 70,000 signals detected so far, one signal shape has changed significantly, ultimately indicating this high velocity. At the time of detection, the ADLER-1 cubesat was at an altitude of 479 kilometers above the Atlantic Ocean.
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