LacunaSat-1 Satellites

Name LacunaSat-1
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Organisation Lacuna Space
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation UK
Manufacturer AIVT by Open Cosmos
Operator Open Cosmos

Innovative Internet-of-Things (‘IoT’) connectivity-via-satellite payload demonstrator.


Innovative Internet-of-Things (‘IoT’) connectivity-via-satellite payload demonstrator. Full end-to-end space mission service for a subsequent technology demonstration, including a dedicated beeSat 3U bus, launch, ground segment, and operations.


After a successful launch in March 2021, Open Cosmos was able to establish contact with the satellite at the first pass and following a period of commissioning, the LS2 satellite quickly began collecting and transmitting data, connecting to Open Cosmos ground stations to download the data every 12 hours. With this frequency of revisit, Lacuna Space was able to provide customers with an automated process of tracking and monitoring their remote assets on a daily basis and providing very high levels of reliability with an uptime exceeding 99.7%.

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COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - Open Cosmos

Related Spacecraft

Satellite Status Launcher Date Orbit
LacunaSat-3 (LS-3) Operational (Press release) Sojuz 2020-09-28 560 km, 97.7 deg
LacunaSat-2b (LS2, LacunaSat2) Reentry 2024-04-27. Was operational (Official news on social media) Sojuz 2021-03-22 550 km, 97.6 deg

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