KySat-2 Satellite

Name KYSAT II (KySat-2)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Reentry 2015-02-12. Was operational until 2014-02-25. Was semi-operational until?
Launched 2013-11-20
NORAD ID 39384
Deployer P-POD (Poly-Picosatellite Orbital Deployer)
Launcher Minotaur I
Organisation Kentucky universities
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Country US
Launch brokerer Tyvak, ?

Demonstrate CubeSat platform technologies including stellar gyroscope and camera.


The primary objective is proof of concept. Will demonstrate key technologies developed by University of Kentucky and Morehead University students. These include a distributed network computing architecture, power and radio systems, and a “stellar gyroscope” for attitude determination. 5 megapixel digital camera, a temperature sensor, a 3-axis MEMS rate gyroscope, a 3-axis magnetometer, and a “stellar gyroscope” which was developed by University of Kentucky students.

Failure cause Encountered a radiation-induced latchup that drained the batteries (suspected cause: X4.9 solar flare on 25 February, largest of 2014 so far). Due to this effect, the subsystems suffer a loss of power approximately every hour causing a reset of the C&DH and radio.
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