KKS-1 (Kouku Kosen Satellite-1, KISEKI)

Name KKS-1 (Kouku Kosen Satellite-1, KISEKI)
Type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 3.17 kg
Status Operational (CW beacon still received, last SatNOGS report from 2023-06-05 last checked on 2023-06-06)
Launched 2009-01-23
NORAD ID 33499
Deployer Custom
Launcher H-IIA (H2A)
Organisation Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Nation Japan

Educational space systems engineering and demonstrate laser ignition thruster and reaction wheels.


KKS-1 is an educational satellite that has been developed by the students and teaching staffs of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology as MONOZUKURI education of aerospace engineering.

Micro propulsion system onboard which is 1st space-demonstration experiment of laser ignition thruster. Attitude controls by Small Reaction Wheel. Photographs by a CMOS camera 320×240 pixel color). KKS-1 carries messages from supporters to space.

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Keywords Propulsion

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