Juvenile Satellite

Satellite name Juvenile (Junior Star, Shaonian Xing, MiniStar, Young Pioneer 1)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Reentry 2023-08-01. Was operational (Last SatNOGS report with data 2023-06-10 checked on 2023-06-10)
Launched 2018-02-02
NORAD ID 43199
Deployer ISIPOD [ISISpace]
Launcher Long March 2D
Entity name Commsat
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Headquarters China
Manufacturer AIVT by Commsat

Amateur radio communications and SSTV transmission of images.


VHF uplink and UHF downlink data control board with loop back function, it can act as an FM repeater. Camera, and transmit SSTV image through NBFM modulation. 2.4G band with 2 MHz bandwidth multiple frequency up and down link communication experiment.

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