HYPSO-2 (HYPer-spectral Satellite for ocean Observation, HYPSO-2)

Satellite name HYPSO-2 (HYPer-spectral Satellite for ocean Observation, HYPSO-2)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher Falcon 9, (Transporter-10)
Organization Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Nation (HQ) US
Nation (AIT) Lithuania
Manufacturer AIVT by NanoAvionics

Hyperspectral imager to monitor algal blooms and other biological activity in the ocean.


Combine observations from the orbiting satellite with those made by autonomous vehicles above, upon and beneath the ocean’s surface. The resulting studies of algal blooms and other biological activity in the ocean will support environmental monitoring and the management of marine resources as well as contribute to our understanding of climate change’s effects on Earth’s oceans. Perform a slew maneuver to let its hyper-spectral imager record data across hundreds of narrow bands in the visible and near-infrared spectrum.

A faster data interface between the satellite bus and the payload paired with an X-band transmitter will allow HYPSO-2 to transfer and transmit several times more data in the same time frame as HYPSO-1.

However, increased data rates are not always useful unless you can capture more data. HYPSO-2's deployable solar panels will increase its duty cycle, offering more opportunities to image areas of interest.

Likely, the coolest thing about this satellite is that the hyperspectral and RBG imagers were designed and built in-house by NTNU. This payload iteration received a few upgrades to the image processing system and the RGB camera's robustness.

Sources [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Photo sources [1] [2]
COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - NanoAvionics
Keywords Propulsion

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