HSU-SAT1 Satellite

Satellite HSU-SAT1 (Sekirei)
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Reentry 2023-03-11. Was operational (Official blog post from 2022-10-04 and many CW beacon reception reports as of 2022-12-20)
Launched 2022-07-15
NORAD ID 53462
Deployer J-SSOD (JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer)
Launcher Falcon 9 (CRS-25)
Deployment Deployed from ISS on 2022-08-12
Organization Happy Science University
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Country Japan

Educational mission to develop CubeSat platform technologies and amateur radio payload.


 The main purpose of satellite mission are

  1. A technology demonstration of Electrical Power Supply On Board Computer and other bus components.
  2. HSU-SAT1 performs three-axis attitude control by combining aerodynamic stabilization and magnetic torquers.
  3. The modulated infrared light emitted from our ground station is experimented as command transmission link. The command format conforms to the infrared remote-control system used in electrical appliances.
  4. Camera image is downlinked by Slow Scan Television. The camera takes a photograph of the Earth. Image pixel size is 320x240. The photograph taken is converted into analog SSTV signal, transferred to Communication and sent by FM-SSTV downlink.
  5. A technology demonstration of gyro sensor and magnetic sensor which has not been confirmed its operation in space.

HSU-SAT1 provides a demonstration that modulated infrared light emitted from a ground station can be used as a command transmission link. HSU-SAT1 also evaluates new technologies for electrical power supply, on board computing, and other satellite bus components.

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