MARIA-G (HADES-F) Satellite

Satellite MARIA-G (HADES-F)
Type PocketQube
Units or mass PocketQube 1.5p
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher RFA One
Organisation AMSAT-EA
Institution Non-profit
Entity type Academic / Education
Country Spain

FM repeater with a guess game by students and TS-UNB waveform transmission.


MARIA-G will offer licensed radio-amateur around the world the opportunity to relay FM voice and AX.25 / APRS 300 / 1200 bps communications. The satellite will also transmit telemetry with its status and voice and CW messages. This all will be achieved by implementing a SDR based FM and FSK repeater. The FM / FSK repeater will be available all time and opened by squelch level without the need of a subtone.

Main mission for MARIA-G is to be a FM repeater but it will also include a simple guess game being implemented by students at Maria Guerrero High School in Collado Villalba - Madrid (Spain). The satellite will send a clue each week in CW so radioamateurs will have to solve the mystery by having all the clues.

As there is a small empty space available, it has been offered to Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft research organization (Germany). This organization has developed a proof of concept for transmission of a TS-UNB waveform from a low Earth orbit. This experiment will be delivered to AMSAT EA for integration and will be operated by AMSAT-EA, being all its data public and open. Therefore, it will transmit a TS-UNB message according to the ETSI standard ETSI-TS-103-357. It is intended solely as a research and development project with no commercial intent.

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