Hades Satellite

Spacecraft name Hades
Type PocketQube
Units or mass PocketQube 1.5p
Status Semi-operational? (Antennas not deployed as per Félix EA4GQS)
Launched 2022-01-13
NORAD ID 51080
Deployer Albapod [Alba Orbital]
Launcher Falcon 9 (Transporter-3) (Alba Cluster 3)
Entity name AMSAT-EA
Institution Non-profit
Entity Academic / Education
Headquarters Spain
Manufacturer AIVT by Hydra Space
Operator Hydra Space
Launch brokerer Alba Orbital, Exolaunch

Amateur communications implementing a Bend-Pipe type repeater and with Store & Forward capabilities.


Hades satellite is offering radio amateurs a linear transponder for bidirectional SSB/FM/CW and digital modes communications as well as testing the platform for future amateur satellites. Regenerative repeater capabilities and limited experimental store and forward functionality will be provided as well. A camera is expected to fly as experimental payload.

As for Hades,its payload consists of a miniature camera module that sends the captured images as an audio signal in SSTVmode. The SSTV formats it uses are compatible with Robot36, Robot72, MP73 and MP115.

The design is based on the one used in the successful mission of the PSAT2satellite, an amateur radio satellite of the United States Naval Academy and brno University of Technology.

The camera chip is the Omnivision OV2640, which provides a resolution of up to 2M pixels and compressed output in JPEG. Resolution is limited by the CPU’s internal memory (MCU) that controls the camera to 320×240 (typical) or 640×480 maximum. The MCU selected for the control is the STM32F446RET6, which has the smallest possible footprint with connection to DCMI peripheral, necessary for connection with the camera.

Failure cause Antennas not deployed, very weak signals.
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COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - Hydra Space
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