GOMX-4A Satellite

Spacecraft GOMX-4A (Ulloriaq)
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Status Operational (SmallSat 2021 and last SatNOGS reports with data on 2023-06-09 as of 2023-06-09)
Launched 2018-02-02
NORAD ID 43197
Deployer QuadPack (XL) [ISISpace]
Launcher Long March 2D
Organization GomSpace
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Country Denmark
Manufacturer AIVT by GomSpace
Operator GomSpace
Launch brokerer ISILaunch, ?
Partners Nanospace, Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO)

Surveillance demonstration for the Artic in AIS and ADS-B plus inter-satellite links.


A surveillance demonstration for the Artic. GomSpace will develop and deliver the satellite and launch is expected by the end of 2017. By this agreement, the Danish Defence will have its own first satellite. Demonstrate inter-satellite linking and station keeping capabilities; key enabling technologies for future. The satellite will have radio receivers able to track and locate all traffic of ships and airplanes within the area.

GomSpace and J.P. Morgan have successfully utilized the GOMX-4 satellites for an in-orbit demonstration (IOD) and tested tokenized value transfer in space. The IOD from GomSpace enabled J.P. Morgan to test the world’s first bank-led tokenized value transfer in space, executed via smart contracts on a blockchain network established between satellites orbiting the earth. GomSpace and J.P. Morgan successfully executed a transaction between two low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, which validated the approach towards a decentralized network where communication with earth is not necessary. This breakthrough opens the door to a potential peer-to-peer DvP (‘data versus payment’) satellite marketplace in the long term, as private companies prepare to launch their own constellations.

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COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - GomSpace
  • EPS - GomSpace NanoPower P60
  • Blockchain
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