Satellite name GHALIB
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 2U
Status Operational (Official news on Twitter about completing commissioning on 2021-11-04)
Launched 2021-06-30
NORAD ID 48962
Deployer QuadPack (XL) [ISISpace]
Launcher Falcon 9 (Transporter-2) (D-Orbit ION)
Deployment Deployed from D-Orbit ION on 2021-07-16
Organisation Marshall Intec
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Country United Arab Emirates
Manufacturer AIVT by ISISpace
Launch brokerer ISILaunch

Demonstrator turn-key mission for space-based tracking of falcon migration, which could become a 6 satellite constellation.


Demonstrator turn-key mission for space-based tracking of falcon migration.

From feasibility study to designing and building a nanosatellite which is capable of tracking migrating falcons, ISISpace built the 2U platform and integrated the payload. The payload consists of a radio receiver, manufactured by our customer, and a camera to take pictures of the Earth on demand.

Even though this mission entails a single satellite for demonstration purposes, the ultimate goal is to launch a constellation of 6 nanosatellites. This satellite system is capable of global tracking of large birds and wildlife with small transmitters.

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