GamaSat Satellite

Name GamaSat
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status cancelled
Organisation University of Porto
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Headquarters Portugal
Partners QB50, VORSat, Tekever Space

Part of QB50 to study lower termosphere.


One of the QB50 science package to study the lower thermosphere. Apart from this cooperation with the QB50 scientific goals, GAMASAT will have three technological objectives: GAMANET, radio-based attitude determination and Q-RED which is a controlled de-orbiting and re-entry experiment that includes small reentry capsule. QB50.

Upon reaching an altitude of 120 Km, a small re-entry capsule will be ejected. Such capsule is made of several layers of ablative and non-ablative heat-resisting material and contains a battery, micro-controller, temperature, acceleration and rotation rate sensors, a SDR transmitter capable of sending ARGOS messages, a GPS receiver and a passive oscillation dumper.

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Keywords Re-entry capsule, QB50

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