Name FossaSat-1
Type PocketQube
Units or mass PocketQube 1p
Organisation Fossa Systems
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation Spain
Manufacturer AIVT by Fossa Systems
Operator Fossa Systems
Launch brokerer Firefly

First of a PocketQube constellation to provide LoRa-based IoT communications.


First of a constellation to provide LoRa-based IoT communications. These are second generation 2P satellites aimed at providing a high performance PocketQube platform for dedicated constellations and low-cost in-orbit demonstration. This new platform has 1P of payload space, can provide up to 9 watts of solar power, has full ADCS pointing capability and multiple storage / processing options. 

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Keywords Open-source

Related Spacecraft

Name Status Launch Orbit
FossaSat-1 Reentry 2020-10-28. Wwas semi-operational. (OBC and EPS working, but much weaker signals than expected. Antennas maybe not deployed as of 2019-12-26.) 2019-12-06 375 km, 97 deg
FossaSat-1B Launch failure 2021-09-02 300 km, 97 deg, SSO
FossaSat-1B (2) Reentry 2022-10-05, 5 days due to lower than planned orbit. No signal? (No SatNOGS reports with data found as of 2022-12-21) 2022-10-01 180 km, 136.8 deg

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