Satellite FlyLab-1 (FlyLab1)
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 8U
Status not launched, expected in 2025
Launcher not launched
Organization ONERA
Institution Institute
Entity type Academic / Education
Nation (HQ) France
Nation (AIT) Lithuania
Manufacturer AIVT by NanoAvionics

Validate the design of an uncooled thermal camera.


The FlyLab mission also aims to validate the design of an uncooled megapixel thermal camera, which will be on board FlyLab-1. With a size of 1.5U, it will make observations with a resolution of about 90 m/pixel at 550 km. As a result, the flight data will validate the camera calibration performed on board. A visible camera of 1U size with a resolution of about 50 m/pixel at 550 km will also be aboard FlyLab-1.

One satellite includes an electrical propulsion system, the second one a cold gas or chemical propulsion system. To complete this setup the platforms carry a fine attitude control system (star tracker, magnetorquer and reaction wheel) to perform precise pointing for earth observation and telecommunication. This full Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) allows ONERA to test new attitude control algorithms and validate complex manoeuvers in orbit, a first step toward a formation flight.

The other objectives involve several payloads distributed over the two satellites. FlyLab1 carries two optical instruments developed with industrial partners. CATFly is a 1.5 U megapixel infrared thermal camera with a resolution of about 80 m / pixel at 550 km. Its primary objective is to validate the developed technology and optical models by comparing in-flight data with ground-based calibration. The second payload, CAVFly, is a 1 U visible camera with a resolution of about 60 m / pixel at 550 km, used for periodic Earth observations. Both cameras are also used to characterize the companion satellite, FlyLab2.

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COTS subsystems
  • PLATFORM - NanoAvionics
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Keywords Propulsion

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