Name exactView-9 (EV-9, EV9)
Type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 5.5 kg
Status Operational? (Lack of recent reports, but likely operational)
Launched 2015-09-28
NORAD ID 40936
Deployer XPOD GNB (Experimental Push Out Deployer) [UTIAS/SFL]
Launcher PSLV
Organisation ExactEarth
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation Canada
Manufacturer AIVT by Space Flight Laboratory
Operator Space Flight Laboratory
Launch brokerer Space Flight Laboratory (UTIAS-SFL), ?

Operational mission for AIS messages to detect ships.


Next generation Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver for high ship-detection rates, and a high speed downlink transmitter for high data volume transfers. The satellite is designed to operate in a low inclination orbit to service some of the more remote and not-as-well covered areas of Earth.

Keywords AIS

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