Satellite CUAVA-2
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher Falcon 9, (Transporter-10), (Momentus Vigoride), (Vigoride-7, VR-7)
Organisation University of Sydney
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Country Australia
Launch brokerer Momentus

Main payloads are hyperspectral imaging & GPS reflectrometry.


The CUAVA-2 satellite incorporates a GPS reflectometry payload for remote sea state determination. It also includes a hyperspectral imager for applications in coastal and marine, agriculture and forestry environments, urban areas, water hazard assessment, and mineral exploration, as well as secondary payloads for technology demonstration and space weather study.

Charge Exchange Thruster (CXT). The electric propulsion system was invented and developed at the University of Sydney.

Sources [1] [2]
Photo sources [1] [2]
COTS subsystems
  • ADCS - CubeSpace ADCS
  • OBC - ISIS
  • EPS - ISISpace
  • TRANSCEIVER - Satlab S-Band
  • STAR TRACKER - CubeSpace
Subsystems sources [1]
Keywords Propulsion

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