Connecta T3.1 Satellite

Connecta T3.1
Connecta T3.1
Connecta T3.1
Connecta T3.1
Connecta T3.1
Spacecraft Connecta T3.1
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status Operational (Post on X on 2023-11-11 last checked 2023-12-16)
Launched 2023-11-11
NORAD ID 58256
Deployer EXOpod Nova 12U/16U [Exolaunch]
Launcher Falcon 9 (Transporter-9)
Organization Plan-S
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Country Turkey

Main mission is Inter-Satellite Link technology demonstration.

Sources [1] [2]
Photo sources [1] [2] [3] [4]
Keywords Intersatellite links
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