Cesium Satellite
Cesium Satellite
Cesium Satellite
Satellite Cesium Satellite
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Organisation CesiumAstro
Institution Company
Entity type Commercial
Country US
Launch brokerer Parsons, Adaptive Launch Solutions

Demonstrate active phased array and inter-satellite link payloads.


Cesium Satellite 1 and 2 are 6U CubeSats with Cesium Nightingale 1 active phased array and inter-satellite link payloads. The spacecrafts have a high-accuracy attitude system with a star tracker and a state-of-the-art electric propulsion system.

Demonstrate proprietary hardware and software in addition to testing intersatellite links and Ka-band communications.

Once the cubesats are in orbit, Cesium plans to demonstrate the performance of its Ka-band active phased array, software-defined radio and single-board computer, a device about the size of a credit card. In addition, the firm plans to conduct on-orbit experiments.

Cesium is offering customers the ability to purchase time on the five-year Cesium Mission 1 to experiment with active phased array and intersatellite links. Customers have expressed interest, for example, in testing waveform switching, edge processing and communications link optimization

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Keywords Propulsion, Intersatellite links

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Spacecraft Status Launcher Date Orbit
Cesium Satellite 1 (CM1, Cesium Mission 1, CS1) Operational (Press release) Atlas V 2021-09-27 560 km, 97.7 deg
Cesium Satellite 2 (CM1, Cesium Mission 1, CS2) Operational (Press release) Atlas V 2021-09-27 560 km, 97.7 deg

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