CAS-10 Satellite

Satellite name CAS-10 (Hope-4, XW-4, Macau Student Science Satellite, AomenKepu-1, Aomen Kepu-1, Aoki-1)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 8U
Status Reentry 2023-03-15. Was operational (Amateur radio reports from BA1PK on Twitter and many observations on SatNOGS as of 2022-12-18)
Launched 2022-11-12
NORAD ID 54816
Deployer Tianzhou CubeSat Deployment System
Launcher Long March 7 (Tianzhou)
Deployment Deployed from Tianzhou on 2022-12-18
Organisation Chinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT)
Institution Non-profit
Entity Academic / Education
Headquarters China

A follow on mission from CAS-9 with transponder and camera payloads.


A follow on mission from CAS-9 and also known as Hope-4 (XW-4). Carrying a V/U Mode Linear Transponder, a UHF - CW Telemetry Beacon, a UHF - AX.25 4.8k/9.6kbps GMSK Telemetry downlink and a space camera.

  • CAS-10 carries a VHF uplink and UHF downlink linear transponder with a bandwidth of 30kHz. This transponder will work all day during the life cycle of the satellite, and amateur radio enthusiasts around the globe can use it for two-way radio relay communications.
  • CAS-10 carries a camera, and the pictures it takes are stored in the flash memory on the satellite, we have designed a simple remote control system based on DTMF, and amateur radio enthusiasts around the globe can send DTMF commands to download the camera photos.
  • On the other hand, CW beacon use Morse code to send satellite telemetry data, which is also a feature that is widely welcomed by amateur radio enthusiasts.
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