CanX-6 Satellite

Satellite CanX-6 (NTS, Nanosatellite Tracking Ships)
Form factor Nanosatellite
Units or mass 6.5 kg
Status Was operational until 2015-XX-XX? (Last website report from 2014 and eoPortal from 2015)
Launched 2008-04-28
NORAD ID 32784
Deployer XPOD (eXperimental Push Out Deployer) [UTIAS/SFL]
Launcher PSLV
Organisation Space Flight Laboratory
Institution Institute
Entity Government (Civil / Military)
Headquarters Canada
Launch brokerer Space Flight Laboratory (UTIAS-SFL)
Partners COM DEV

AIS receiver to detect maritime vessels.


Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver developed by COM DEV for detection of signals transmitted by maritime vessels.

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Keywords AIS
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