Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher Falcon 9, (Transporter-10)
Entity name Brigham Young University
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Headquarters US

Educational mission with amateur radio mission and digital mailbox.


The purpose of this mission is to give students at Brigham Young University the opportunity to build and test satellite ground stations, and operate an amateur satellite.

The mission will transmit thermal data that will inform future BYU CubeSat projects, as well as operate a digipeater and digital mailbox for the amateur community to use.

This mission will also give other amateurs throughout the world the opportunity to make contact with an orbiting satellite. The amateur payload will also be used for transmitting thermal data from the satellite. This data will be used by faculty and students at Brigham Young University in the planning of future cubesat missions. This data will be freely accessible.

The amateur payload will be used to transmit the following data, Temperature Sensors 1 temperature on 3 different faces 2 on the power board, both near batteries 1 by amateur radio power amplifier Power telemetry to calculate general waste heat from power consumption Battery voltage and current as a top level verification of power loads and the resulting energy dissipation within the satellite. Solar power by panel to subtract from incident heat for Earth albedo and solar calculations. These data will be collected while the host spacecraft undergoes different operating scenarios. Proposing a UHF downlink using 9k6 FSK. 

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