BEESAT 2 Satellite

Spacecraft name BEESAT-2
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Reentry 2024-02-02. Was operational (Last report on social media 2023-04-21 last checked 2023-06-08)
Launched 2013-04-19
NORAD ID 39136
Deployer PSL / PSL-P (Picosatellite Launcher) [Astrofein]
Launcher Sojuz-2-1b
Deployment Deployed from Bion-M1 on 2013-04-26
Organisation Technical University of Berlin
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Country Germany
Launch brokerer Exolaunch
Partners Astrofein

Educational and technology demonstrations of reaction wheels and camera.


The primary mission objective is the technical testing of miniaturized reaction wheels for attitude stabilization of a pico using a camera for Earth observation as an exemplary payload. The secondary mission objective is to embed the satellite operation in the courses of the subject area.


BEESAT-3 has concluded its mission after more than 10 years, surpassing its intended lifespan! Our HISPICO S-band transmitter operated flawlessly until the final moment - mission successfully accomplished!

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Space photos BEESAT 2BEESAT 2

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