BEESAT 14-15
BEESAT 14-15
BEESAT 14-15
Name BEESAT 14-15
Type CubeSat
Units or mass 2U
Organisation Technical University of Berlin
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Nation Germany

Formation flying, multispectral camera and X-band downlink.


Perform formation flight maneuvers there. The primary mission goal is to fly a helix orbit. The satellites can be moved anywhere on their tracks to change the distance and to demonstrate different application scenarios. As part of the mission, further formations will be taken, in which one satellite will autonomously maintain its relative position to the second.

As a payload, each satellite will fly a camera system with four narrowband spectral channels, both of which may be equipped with different optical filters. This would allow for a wider range of scientific data. The camera system is calibrated radiometrically, the ground pixel resolution is 39 m with a windrow width of more than 160 km in a 575 km SSO. An X-band transmitter is used to download all generated data.

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Keywords Formation flying, Propulsion

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