Artemis Louise Satellite

Artemis Louise
Name Artemis Louise (Lightning, Picosat 8)
Type Picosatellite
Units or mass 0.895 kg
Status No signal
Launched 2000-01-27
NORAD ID 26092
Deployer OPAL
Launcher Minotaur I
Deployment Deployed from OPAL on 2000-03-04
Organization Santa Clara University
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Nation US

Research the effects of lightning on the outer ionosphere.


Research the effects of lightning on the outer ionosphere. Lightning discharges and the effects on the Earth's near space environment can be recorded with the VLF receiver. Receive frequency range is 0.1-12 kHz, with 5 kHz typcal of a lightning strike. Measurements are taken by both picosatellites. Comparison of the data permits the extraction of the occurrence and amplitudes of horizontal and vertical lightning.

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