AQT-D Satellite

Spacecraft name AQT-D (Aqua Thruster-Demonstrator)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Mass in kg 3.7 kg
Status Reentry 2022-04-20. No signal? (No news found, checked on 2019-12-27)
Launched 2019-09-24
NORAD ID 44791
Deployer J-SSOD (JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer)
Launcher H-IIB (H2B)
Deployment Deployed from ISS on 2019-11-20
Entity name University of Tokyo
Institution University
Entity Government (Civil / Military)
Headquarters Japan
Launch brokerer Space BD

Demonstration of a water resistojet propulsion system.


Demonstration of a water resistojet propulsion system developed by The University of Tokyo.

AQT-D installed the 1U propulsion system using water as a propellant, named AQUARIUS-1U (AQUA ResIstojet propUlsion System 1U). Based on TRICOM-1R. The propulsion system, named AQUARIUS-1U (AQUA ResIstojet propUlsion System), has one Delta-V-Thruster (F: < 4 mN) for an orbital maneuver and four Reaction-Control-Thruster (F: < 1 mN) for a reaction control.

AQUARIUS-1U is a resistjet propulsion system consisting of a tank, a vaporization chamber and nozzles, using a water as a propellant (propellant mass: < 400 g). Ultimate green propellant: water (H2O) enables ISS-deployed CubeSat to install a propulsion system. It is expected that the utilization of the ISS-deployed CubeSat expands drastically

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Keywords Propulsion
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