Type CubeSat
Units or mass 6U
Organisation Aistech
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Nation (HQ) Spain
Nation (AIT) Denmark
Manufacturer AIVT by GomSpace

Commercial constellation for ADS-B and IoT/M2M.


Constellation of 18 satellites for M2M / IoT, thermal imaging and aviation tracking (ADS-B). High resolution multi-spectral camera, an M2M communications payload and an ADS-B payload. Incoporating high datarate communications, will become the demonstrator of a future nanosatellites constellation. Thermal, IR & Visual imaging. Aviation Tracking & Monitoring.

Remote Asset Management

Sources [1]
Keywords ADS-B

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Name Status Launch Orbit
Guardian 1 (Aistech, ORB-6, Guardian1) No signal? (No news or social media posts found on OrbAstro or Aistech channels as of 2022-12-21) 2022-05-25 530 km, 97.5 deg, SSO
AISTECH6U (HYDRA) 1 cancelled? x_cancelled cancelled
AISTECH6U (HYDRA) 2 cancelled? x_cancelled cancelled
AISTECH6U (HYDRA) 3 cancelled? x_cancelled cancelled
AISTECH6U (HYDRA) 4 cancelled? x_cancelled cancelled

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