AeroCube-10 Satellites

Satellite name AeroCube-10
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 1.5U
Organization Aerospace Corporation
Institution Non-profit
Entity type Academic / Education
Country US
Launch brokerer Nanoracks
Partners NASA Earth Science Technology Office, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, DRS Technology

Demonstrate satellite-to-satellite pointing and deployment of small atmospheric probes.


Steam propulsion system with 30 grams of water. Will release 29 atmospheric probes 16 grams each, which will unfold into three 9.8 cm discs orthogonal to each other. Second payload is an electron and proton spectrometer called the micro-Charged Particle Telescope (uCPT). It will measure radiation flux impinging on the satellite, in specific energy levels that are suspected to cause solar cell degradation. The third payload is a sensor that will confirm when the optical beacon is impinging
on the satellite.


With some technical panache, one of The Aerospace Corporation’s CubeSats maneuvered itself within 22 meters of its sibling CubeSat and snapped a series of photos while orbiting at 17,000 miles per hour.

This incredibly difficult technology demonstration, performed by a satellite the size of a tissue box, paves the way for future inspection or servicing missions. AeroCube-10 is by far the smallest spacecraft to have accomplished a rendezvous and proximity operation so close.

Jonathan McDowell is reporting only 5 passive subsats were deployed.

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COTS compoments
  • Camera - SiOnyx XQE-0920
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Keywords Propulsion, Formation flying
Space photos AeroCube-10AeroCube-10AeroCube-10

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Spacecraft Status Rocket Date Orbit
AeroCube-10A (JimSat) Reentry 2023-05-04. Was operational Antares 2019-04-17 475 km, 51.6 deg, Cygnus
AeroCube-10B (DougSat) Reentry 2023-05-16. Was operational Antares 2019-04-17 475 km, 51.6 deg, Cygnus

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