Satellite AAUSAT3 (AAUSAT-3)
Form factor CubeSat
Units or mass 1U
Status Was operational until 2014-09-17. Power production gradually decreased until it was too low. (eoPortal and official website)
Launched 2013-02-25
NORAD ID 39087
Deployer XPOD (eXperimental Push Out Deployer) [UTIAS/SFL]
Launcher PSLV
Organization Aalborg University
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Headquarters Denmark
Launch brokerer Space Flight Laboratory (UTIAS-SFL)

Educational space systems engineering and testing AIS receivers.


The AAUSAT3 mission is to test two AIS receivers developed by students. Proof of concept of our very strict modular design with no central OBC/CDH managing the satellite.

Failure cause Power production gradually decreased until it was too low due to solar cell degradation.
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Keywords AIS

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