Spacecraft $50Sat (50-Dollarsat, Eagle 2, Morehead-OSCAR-76)
Type PocketQube
Units or mass PocketQube 1.5p
Status Reentry 2018-05-19. Was operational until 2015-07-19.
Launched 2013-11-21
NORAD ID 39436
Deployer MRFOD (Morehead Rome Femtosatellites Orbital Deployer)
Launcher Dnepr
Deployment Deployed from UniSat-5 on 2013-11-29
Organization Morehead State University
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Country US
Launch brokerer GAUSS

Demonstrate very low cost satellites with PocketQube.


Demonstrate that very low cost satellites are viable in low Earth orbit. The low build cost of $50SAT (less than $250 in parts) means that Engineering models are readily affordable by schools and colleges. The PocketQube chassis has no precision mechanical parts and can be built from locally obtained sheet metal.

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