3-STAR Satellite

Spacecraft name 3-STAR (3STAR)
Spacecraft type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Status cancelled
Organisation Politecnico di Torino
Institution University
Entity type Academic / Education
Country Italy

Radio communications and GNSS-RO payloads.


The GEOID (GENSO Experimental Orbital Initial Demonstration) initiative wants to settle an orbiting constellation of Cubesats to be operated by the GENSO ground-stations network. GEOID is expected to be the communication backbone of the initial version of the HUMSAT system. The 3-star will be one of the nine cubesats in the GEOID constellation.

The project aims at educating and inspiring space engineering students on complex systems development and operations, international cooperation and team work.

In addition, it will carry two payloads: the HumSat payload, consisting of a simple but extremely reliable communication module, to contribute to the service at the basis of the entire mission, and 2) the P-GRESSION (Payload for GNSS remote sensing and signal detection) payload, which has been expressly thought for this mission. The P-GRESSION payload aims at performing measurements by means of radio-occultation technique and scattering theory, using GNSS signals. It may also work as a radar interference detector.

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