Type CubeSat
Units or mass 3U
Organisation Kyung Hee University
Institution University
Entity Academic / Education
Nation South Korea
Launch brokerer ISILaunch
Partners UC Berkeley, Imperial College London

Space weather measurements measuring electron and ions in the range of 2-200 keV.


Stereo imaging of magnetospheric energetic neutral atom, multi-point measurements of suprathermal electrons and ions associated with auroral acceleration as well as electron microbursts, and complementary measurements of magnetic fields for particle data. MAGIC (MAGnetometer from Imperial College). STEIN (SupraThermal Electrons Ions & Neutrals) particle detector.

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Related Spacecraft

tic fields)
Name Status Launch Orbit
CINEMA (CubeSat for Ions, Neutrals, Electrons, & MAgnetic fields) Was operational until? (Last confirmation from 2013. No recent news found) 2012-09-13 470 x 780 km, 64.7 deg
CINEMA 2 (TRIO 2, KHUSAT 1) Was semi-operational until 2014-11-28? (Official website states beacon heard, but Skyrocket writes nothing heard) 2013-11-21 620 km, 97.8 deg, SSO
CINEMA 3 (TRIO 3, KHUSAT 2) No signal 2013-11-21 620 km, 97.8 deg, SSO
CINEMA 4 cancelled x_cancelled cancelled

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