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Name Type Size Launch Photo
NanoSail-D CubeSat 3U 2008-08-03 NanoSail-D
NanoSail-D2 CubeSat 3U 2010-11-20 NanoSail-D
LightSail 1 CubeSat 3U 2015-05-20 LightSail
Deorbitsail CubeSat 3U 2015-07-10 Deorbitsail
InflateSail CubeSat 3U 2017-06-23 InflateSail
CNUSail-1 CubeSat 3U 2018-01-12 CNUSail-1
CubeSail 1 CubeSat 1.5U 2018-12-16 CubeSail
CubeSail 2 CubeSat 1.5U 2018-12-16 CubeSail
LightSail 2 CubeSat 3U 2019-06-25 LightSail
Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1) Nanosatellite 10 kg 2019-09-12 Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1)
Yarilo 1 CubeSat 1.5U 2020-09-28 Yarilo
Yarilo 2 CubeSat 1.5U 2020-09-28 Yarilo
BAMA-1 CubeSat 3U 2022-02-10 BAMA-1
ALPHA (ARCA) CubeSat 1U 2022-07-13 ALPHA (ARCA)
NEA-Scout CubeSat 6U 2022-11-16 NEA-Scout
ACS3 CubeSat 12U Expected in 2023 ACS3
Alpha CubeSat 1U Expected in 2023 Alpha (CayugaSat)
DARS CubeSat 3U Expected in 2023 DARS
FEFU CubeSat 3U Expected in 2023 FEFU
COEPSAT-2 Nanosatellite 9 kg Expected in 2025 COEPSAT-2
CubeSAIL CubeSat 3U cancelled CubeSAIL
LightSail 3 CubeSat 3U cancelled LightSail
LunarSail CubeSat 3U cancelled

Last updated: 2023-01-01

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