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Name Type Size Launch Photo
TechEdSat-6 CubeSat 3U 2017-11-12 TechEdSat-6
Elysium-Star 2 CubeSat 1U 2018-12-03 Elysium-Star 2
ENOCH CubeSat 3U 2018-12-03 ENOCH
NMTSat CubeSat 3U 2018-12-16 NMTSat
TechEdSat-7 CubeSat 2U 2021-01-17 TechEdSat-7
HALO-Net Free Flyer CubeSat 3U 2021-06-30
PACE-1 CubeSat 6U 2021-06-30 PACE-1
GEARRS-3 CubeSat 3U 2022-01-13 GEARRS-3
TechEdSat-13 CubeSat 3U 2022-01-13
Buccaneer Main Mission CubeSat 6U Expected in 2022 Buccaneer
Grissom-1 CubeSat 6U Expected in 2022 Grissom-1
X-1 CubeSat 3U Expected in 2022
TechEdSat-12 CubeSat 3U Expected in 2022

Last updated: 2022-06-01

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