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Company name SPUTNIX (Sitronics Group)
CubeSat Bus/Platform
Educational Kit
OBC (On-Board Computer)
Solar Panels
Communications - UHF/VHF
Communications - S/X/Ku/Ka/E
Sun Sensor
Reaction Wheels
Antennas (Dipole, Patch, Helix)
Camera / Imager
Test Setups
Constellations AIS
To have an independent picture of sea traffic for monitoring the Northern Sea Route and other water areas for Russia.
Status: Prototype(s) launched, Unknown
Constellation page at NewSpace Index
Location Russia
Founded 2011
Funding Yes
Photos Sputnix Sputnix Sputnix Sputnix
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SPUTNIX LLC is the Russian private company, manufacturing high-tech microsatellite components and technologies, as well as microsatellite-based services.

Status Active in nanosatellites
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