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Name NanoAvionics
CubeSat Bus/Platform
OBC (On-Board Computer)
Propulsion (Thruster)
Solar Panels
Reaction Wheels
Star Tracker
Constellations IoT / M2M
Global IoT Constellation-as-a-Service Aimed at IoT/M2M Communications Providers.
Status: Prototype development
Constellation page at NewSpace Index
Country Lithuania
Founded 2014
Funding $15M+
Notes Bought by AST&Science and plans to open manufacturing in the US.
Photos NanoAvionics NanoAvionics NanoAvionics NanoAvionics
Status Active in nanosatellites
Subcontractor for
launched nanosats
LituanicaSAT-2 (LT01),   BlueWalker 1 (BW 1) ,   M6P (LacunaSat-1, BTD-1),   LacunaSat-3 (LS-3),   R2 (R-2, M6P 2, OMS, TRAIL-1, LacunaSat),   All-Charlie (Charlie),   All-Bravo (Bravo),   D2/AtlaCom-1,   Tiger-2 (Ayan-21)
Subcontractor for
to be launched nanosats
EarthTV-1,   CaLeMPSat (Cathode-Less Micro Propulsion Satellite, M12P),   GIOT 1? (Global IoT, M6P),   GIOT 2? (Global IoT, M6P),   GIOT 3? (Global IoT, M6P),   HyperActive,   HYPSO (HYPer-spectral Satellite for ocean Observation),   BROS A (Birkeland, Binational Radiofrequency Observing Satellites),   BROS B (Huygens, Binational Radiofrequency Observing Satellites),   AERO (Auroral Emission Radio Observer, AERO-VISTA),   VISTA (Vector Interferometry Space Technology using AERO, AERO-VISTA),   EarthTV-2,   EarthTV-3,   EarthTV-4,   EarthTV-5,   ACS3 (Advanced Composite Solar Sail System),   Laura Orbot,   MACSAT (Finch-1, MAChine SATellite),   Omnispace 1,   Omnispace 2
Subcontractor for
cancelled nanosats
BlueWalker 2 (BW 2),   BlueWalker 3 (BW 3),   Rupercorp Constellation 1,   Rupercorp Constellation 2,   Rupercorp Constellation 3,   Rupercorp Constellation Demo
Own nanosats
LituanicaSAT-2 (LT01),   M6P (LacunaSat-1, BTD-1),   R2 (R-2, M6P 2, OMS, TRAIL-1, LacunaSat)
Own nanosats
to be launched
GIOT 1? (Global IoT, M6P),   GIOT 2? (Global IoT, M6P),   GIOT 3? (Global IoT, M6P),   HyperActive

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