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IOD / IOV Payload Hosting Service
Constellations Weather
Earthquake (ELF)
GNSS Reflectometry
GNSS Radio Occultation
Measure change in GPS signal after passing atmosphere to calculate precise profiles for temperature, pressure, humidity (GNSS Radio Occultation). Investigating earthquake (ELF) detection? GNSS Reflectometry demonstrators launched since 2019 December.
Status: Being launched
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Country US
Founded 2012
Funding $150M+
Photos Spire
Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
ArduSat,   ArduSat-X,   ArduSat 2,   Lemur-1 (FM1),   Lemur-2 1 Joel (FM2),   Lemur-2 2 Peter (FM3),   Lemur-2 3 Jeroen (FM4),   Lemur-2 4 Chris (FM5),   Lemur-2 5 Theresacondor (FM6),   Lemur-2 6 Kane (FM7),   Lemur-2 7 Nick-Allain (FM8),   Lemur-2 8 Jeff (FM9),   Lemur-2 9 Cubecheese (FM10),   Lemur-2 10 DrMuzz (FM11),   Lemur-2 11 Bridgeman (FM12),   Lemur-2 12 Nate (FM13),   Lemur-2 13 Beccadewey (FM14),   Lemur-2 14 Sokolsky (FM15),   Lemur-2 15 Xiaoqing (FM16),   Lemur-2 16 Anubhavthakur (FM17),   Lemur-2 17 Wingo (FM18),   Lemur-2 18 Trutna (FM19),   Lemur-2 19 TrutnaHD (FM20),   Lemur-2 20 Austintacious (FM21),   Lemur-2 21 Redfern-Goes (FM22),   Lemur-2 22 Jobanputra (FM23),   Lemur-2 23 Spire-Minions (FM24),   Lemur-2 24 Satchmo (FM25),   Lemur-2 25 RDeaton (FM26),   Lemur-2 26 Smita-Sharad (FM27),   Lemur-2 27 Mia-Grace (FM28),   Lemur-2 28 NoguesCorreig (FM29),   Lemur-2 29 Tachikoma (FM30),   Lemur-2 30 JennyBarna (FM31),   Lemur-2 31 Angela (FM32),   Lemur-2 32 SpiroVision (FM33),   Lemur-2 33 RobMoore (FM34),   Lemur-2 34 ShainaJohl (FM35),   Lemur-2 35 XueniTerence (FM36),   Lemur-2 36 LucyBryce (FM37),   Lemur-2 37 KungFoo (FM38),   Lemur-2 38 McPeake (FM39),   Lemur-2 39 Sam-Amelia (FM40),   Lemur-2 40 LisaSaurus (FM41),   Lemur-2 41 Lynsey-Symo (FM42),   Lemur-2 42 Greenberg (FM43),   Lemur-2 43 ArtFischer (FM44),   Lemur-2 44 Monson (FM45),   Lemur-2 45 Furiaus (FM46),   Lemur-2 46 Zachary (FM47),   Lemur-2 47 AndiS (FM48),   Lemur-2 48 PeterG (FM49),   Lemur-2 49 Dembitz (FM50),   Lemur-2 50 Yonglin (FM51),   Lemur-2 51 Kevin (FM52),   Lemur-2 52 BrianDavie (FM53),   Lemur-2 53 Romacoste (FM54),   Lemur-2 54 RocketJonah (FM55),   Lemur-2 55 Liu-Poh-Chun (FM56),   Lemur-2 56 McGullagh (FM57),   Lemur-2 57 Dunlop (FM58),   Lemur-2 58 McGarvey (FM59),   Lemur-2 59 BenYeoh (FM60),   Lemur-2 60 Harvey (FM61),   Lemur-2 61 Matthew (FM62),   Lemur-2 62 Maximillie (FM63),   Lemur-2 63 Smilie-Face (FM64),   Lemur-2 64 NRE-Metts (FM65),   Lemur-2 65 CylonRaider (FM66),   Lemur-2 66 Ector (FM67),   Lemur-2 67 Craig (FM68),   Lemur-2 68 McCafferty (FM69),   Lemur-2 69 PeterWebster (FM70),   Lemur-2 70 BrownCow (FM71),   Lemur-2 71 DaveWilson (FM72),   Lemur-2 72 Marshall (FM73),   Lemur-2 73 Tallhamn-ATC (FM74),   Lemur-2 74 Jin-Luen (FM75),   Lemur-2 75 UramChanSol (FM76),   Lemur-2 76 Kadi (FM77),   Lemur-2 77 TheNickMolo (FM78),   Lemur-2 78 TomHenderson (FM79),   Lemur-2 79 Yuasa (FM80),   Lemur-2 80 Alexander (FM81),   Lemur-2 81 Vu (FM82),   Lemur-2 82 Zupanski (FM83),   Lemur-2 83 Chanusiak (FM84),   Lemur-2 84 Orzulak (FM85),   Lemur-2 85 Vladimir (FM86),   Lemur-2 86 Kobyszcze (FM87),   Lemur-2 87 Duly (FM88),   Lemur-2 88 Remy-Colton (FM89),   Lemur-2 89 Gustavo (FM90),   Lemur-2 90 ChristinaHolt (FM91),   Lemur-2 91 Zo (FM92),   Lemur-2 92 TinyKev (FM93),   Lemur-2 93 SarahBettyBoo (FM94),   Lemur-2 94 NatalieMurray (FM95),   Lemur-2 95 Daisy-Harper (FM96),   Lemur-2 96 JohanLoran (FM97),   Lemur-2 97 Beudacious (FM98),   Lemur-2 98 Elham (FM99),   Lemur-2 99 Victor-Andrew (FM100),   Lemur-2 100 Morag (FM101, LEMR2126),   Lemur-2 101 Wanli (FM102),   Lemur-2 102 Yndrd (FM103),   Lemur-2 103 EJatta (FM104),   Lemur-2 104 DustInTheWind (FM105),   Lemur-2 105 Alex-Maddy (FM106),   Lemur-2 106 LillyJo (FM107),   Lemur-2 107 GregRobinson (FM108),   Lemur-2 108 Pappy (FM109),   Lemur-2 109 HiMomAndDad (FM110),   Lemur-2 110 JpgSquared (FM111),   Lemur-2 111 TheoDosia (FM112)
Own nanosats
to be launched
Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2,   Lemur-2

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