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Name Space Inventor
CubeSat Bus/Platform
Communications - Laser / Optical
Star Tracker
OBC (On-Board Computer)
Solar Panels
EPS (Electrical Power System)
Reaction Wheels
Magnetic Torquers
Sun Sensor
GNSS (GPS) Receiver
Communications - UHF/VHF
Country Denmark
Founded 2015
Funding $1M+
Notes Laser Space terminal passed ESA’s Critical Design Review in 2020. The Qualification Campaign is expected to commence in November 2020, and the project is expected to complete in February 2021.  Platform provider to the Hiber-3 and 4 satellites. Satellite builder of the Sternula VDES constellation. Design of a 16U satellite for GEO with schedules launch in the fall of 2021.
Status Active in nanosatellites
Subcontractor for
to be launched nanosats
Hiber 3 (Hiber Three, HiberThree),   Hiber 4 (Hiber Four, HiberFour),   CubeSpec

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