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Name Fossa Systems (Free Open Source software & Aerospace Development Team)
Launch Provider / Brokerer
PocketQube Deployer
Constellations IoT / M2M
IoT LoRa network.
Status: Launches ongoing
Constellation page at NewSpace Index
Country Spain
Founded 2017
Funding Yes

Non-profit juvenile association will continue to operate independently. Incorporated in 2020.

Photos Fossa Systems Fossa Systems Fossa Systems Fossa Systems Fossa Systems
Status Active in nanosatellites
Subcontractor for
launched nanosats
FossaSat-2E 1 (WISeSAT 1, FOSSASAT2E1),   FossaSat-2E 2 (WISeSAT 2, FOSSASAT2E2)
Own nanosats
FossaSat-1,   FossaSat-1B,   FossaSat-2,   FossaSat-2E 1 (WISeSAT 1, FOSSASAT2E1),   FossaSat-2E 2 (WISeSAT 2, FOSSASAT2E2),   FossaSat-2E 3 (CShark Pilot-1, CSHARKPILOT-1,, FOSSASAT2E3),   FossaSat-2E 4 (LAIKA,, FOSSASAT2E4),   FossaSat-2E 5 (FOSSASAT2E5),   FossaSat-2E 6 (FOSSASAT2E6),   FossaSat-2E 7,   FossaSat-2E 8,   FossaSat-2E 9,   FossaSat-2E 10,   FossaSat-2E 11,   FossaSat-2E 12,   FossaSat-2E 13
Own nanosats
to be launched
FossaSat-2E,   FossaSat-2E,   FossaSat-2F

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