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Name Blue Canyon Technologies

Country US
Founded 2008
Subcontractor (AIVT) for
launched nanosats
RAVAN XB3 (Radiometer Assessment Using Vertical Aligned Nanotubes, Ravan XB-3), CubeRRT (CubeSat Radiometer RFI Technology Validation ), HaloSat (Halo-Sat), TEMPEST-D (Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems - Demonstrator), BlackHawk (Black Hawk), CSIM (CSIM-FD, CSIM FD, (Compact Solar Irradiance Monitor), ORCA (SEOPS-ORCA)
Subcontractor (AIVT) for
to be launched nanosats
CIRiS (Compact Infrared Radiometer in Space), DeMi (Deformable Mirror Demonstration), MCNAIR, ASCENT, Gunsmoke-G, Link-16 CubeSat (XVI), AMS (Agile MicroSatellite), CLICK A (CubeSat Laser Infrared CrosslinK), CLICK B (CubeSat Laser Infrared CrosslinK), CLICK C (CubeSat Laser Infrared CrosslinK), Gunsmoke-L
Status Active in nanosatellite context

Last modified: 2019-07-07

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