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Name AAC Clyde Space
CubeSat Bus/Platform
EPS (Electrical Power System)
OBC (On-Board Computer)
Constellations Constellation-As-A-Service
Space-as-a-service project where AAC Clyde Space will manufacture 10 and demonstrate at least four in orbit.
Status: Prototype development
Constellation page at NewSpace Index
Country UK
Founded 2005
Funding $22.5M+

$3 million grant to finance 50% of development of next generation of satellites.
The acquisition of Omnisys Instruments was completed on 30 April 2021. The combination of existing cubesat knowledge with microwave sensing technology should allow AAC Clyde Space to extend its product and service offering in the high growth, space-based weather and climate data market.

Status Active in nanosatellites
Subcontractor for
launched nanosats
UKube-1 (United Kingdom Universal Bus Experiment 1),   Kepler 1 KIPP (Kepler-0),   Kepler 2 CASE (Kepler-1),   SeaHawk-1,   DaVinci (Da Vinci),   IOD-1 GEMS (Global Environmental Monitoring System, OMS IOD Mission 1, IOD 1 Mission),   NSLSat 1 (NSL-1, NSL 1),   Kepler 3 TARS (IOD-5, Kepler-2),   PICASSO (PICASSO-BEL, Pico-Satellite for Atmospheric and Space Science Observations),   MIR-SAT1 (Mauritian Infrared Satellite, Mir-Sat-1, MirSat1)
Subcontractor for
to be launched nanosats
Amber-1 (IOD-3 AMBER),   Clyde Orbcomm 1,   Clyde Orbcomm 2,   ELO 3 (Eutelsat LEO for Objects),   ELO 4 (Eutelsat LEO for Objects),   NSLSat 2 (NSL-2, NSL 2),   SeaHawk-2,   GEMS-2 (Global Environmental Monitoring System),   Intuition-1,   Saab VDES CubeSat,   Amber 2,   Amber 3,   xSPANCION 1 (Wyvern-1),   xSPANCION 2 (Wyvern-2),   xSPANCION 3 (Wyvern-3),   xSPANCION 4,   xSPANCION 5,   xSPANCION 6,   xSPANCION 7,   xSPANCION 8,   xSPANCION 9,   xSPANCION 10
Subcontractor for
cancelled nanosats
CASPA (Cold Atom Space Payload),   OCEAN-SCAN 1,   OCEAN-SCAN 2,   OCEAN-SCAN 3,   OCEAN-SCAN 4,   OCEAN-SCAN 5,   OCEAN-SCAN 6,   Outernet 1U Demo 1,   Outernet 1U Demo 2,   Outernet 1U Demo 3,   Outernet 3U Demo 4 High Power
Own nanosats
to be launched
Clyde Orbcomm 1,   Clyde Orbcomm 2,   xSPANCION 1 (Wyvern-1),   xSPANCION 2 (Wyvern-2),   xSPANCION 3 (Wyvern-3),   xSPANCION 4,   xSPANCION 5,   xSPANCION 6,   xSPANCION 7,   xSPANCION 8,   xSPANCION 9,   xSPANCION 10

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