OOV-Cube Satellite

Satellite OOV-Cube ((On Orbit Verification Cube)
Spacecraft type Nanosatellite
Units or mass 10 kg
Status not launched, expected in 2024
Launcher Ariane 6
Organisation Rapid Cubes
Institution Company
Entity Commercial
Headquarters Germany
Manufacturer AIVT by TU Berlin
Operator ?

Demonstrate new IoT communication protocol, image processing in orbit using AI and perovskite solar cells.


By performing the first experimental demonstration of a ‘mioty’ high-performance Internet of Things communication protocol, OOV-Cube will test a technology that can be linked to miniaturised transmitters carried by animals, connecting them to scientists in realtime. This would be particularly useful in remote areas without terrestrial infrastructure.

The mission will also test image processing in orbit using Artificial Intelligence (AI) – an important and time-saving ability that would mean data on wildlife monitoring can be processed by the satellite in orbit, rather than later on the ground.

The satellite will also test and verify new cost-effective and efficient perovskite solar cells, verify a wide-angle camera with autofocus – a necessary prerequisite for docking manoeuvres necessary for future service missions to refuel, repair or reorbit satellites. Also important for future on-orbit service missions, OOV-Cube will verify an ‘L-band’ radio system for communications between satellites in low-Earth and geostationary orbits.

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