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Propulsion (Thruster)
Software (Simulation, Analysis, Tools)
Headquarters New Zealand
Created 2017
Funding $0.7M

Supermagnets for space applications. Our hardware and software products ensure satellite missions are effectively managed, guaranteeing maximum economic returns and responsible use of space.


The world’s first superconducting magnetorquer for spacecraft attitude control. Built on technologies with significant heritage, Z01™ is a new approach to spacecraft attitude control which bypasses many of the limitations of traditional magnetic attitude control systems. Like a conventional magnetorquer, Z01™ interacts with the ambient magnetic field of the Earth to generate a torque on a spacecraft. Unlike anything that is currently available, Z01™ uses high-temperature superconducting coils to eliminate Ohmic losses, allowing for extremely high currents and continuous operation at peak dipole moment.
We're currently developing fuel-free systems for satellite attitude control and propulsion based on our invention of superconducting electromagnets for space applications. At full maturity, we expect our products to range from novel spacecraft components to on-orbit services.

Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2023-04-22

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