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Name Virgin Orbit (Virgin Orbit National Systems, VOX Space)
Previous names Virgin Galactic
Launcher (Dedicated)
Country US
Founded 2016
Funding $700M

Sister company to Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company.
Virgin Orbit’s ambitions go beyond more and larger launch vehicles. The company says it will establish a “space solutions” business, developing and launching a constellation of satellites to provide IoT and Earth observation services. Virgin Orbit foresees providing IoT services for the agriculture, aviation, maritime and pipeline monitoring markets and a “complete multimodal offering” of visible, infrared and radar imagery.
The company plans to launch its first four satellites in early 2023, two with IoT payloads and two with imagery payloads. That would be followed by a “full constellation thereafter,” but it didn’t disclose the size of the constellation or when it would be deployed.

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