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Created 2022

Off-the-shelf machine vision and motion control solutions for proximity navigation, situational awareness, docking, inspections, visual guided robotics for small and nano satellites and rovers.


Multi-spectral (VIS+NIR+LWIR) smart cameras with sensor fusion and edgeAI image processing inside. Complete solution with HW and SW. Customer’s application SW could be uploaded on-the-fly and run on high power OBC with edge AI accelerators inside. Easy integration into any platform.

Develop a novel embedded LiDAR for space applications together with simulated (digital TWIN) and close to real environment testbeds. New LiDAR is intended for future use as integrated part of proximity navigation solution for autonomous satellites, rovers, machines and robots. Also, digital TWIN of satellite proximity navigation around other non-cooperative object will aid future space missions design and allow our customer to go fast-to-market.

Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2023-12-21

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Created by Erik Kulu


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